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Overweight – What Shoud We Do?

According to Fitch Solutions Macro Research, obesity is rising rapidly in Southeast Asia, Vietnam is the country with the highest number of obese people (body mass index above BMI) over the five-year period to the end of the year 2014, at 38%, followed by Indonesia (33%).

Resulting in a higher chance of type 2 diabetes later on in life – this is paired with research that suggests we spend an average 42.7 hours at our desks.  Let’s find out ways to help curb obesity today.

In the morning

Fruit smoothies are popular way to kick-start the day.  A good smoothie will fill you up and offer essential nutrients and vitamins.  You should also include some solid fruit into this as the fibre within it will kick start your metabolism.  The juice from a lemon can also help break up fatty foods and acids in your stomach.

Eating Healthy in the Day

Reaching for a handful of crisps or a fizzy drink is a tempting prospect – but a palette of blueberries and green tea (flavoured if you like) is just as satisfying and can have a much longer lasting impact on how you feel for the rest of the day.

Getting fruit for the office, which varies seasonally, is a great way to ensure you are always getting what you need.

Lunch Time

Fast food and heavy sandwiches might seem tempting, but can often cause a post lunch food coma if you have too much – and the feeling of being full may only last a short period.

Salads or fresh vegetables can be a way around this and are likely the leave you feeling fuller for longer, removing the need to go to pop to the shop for an afternoon pick-me-up.

Getting the Exercise You Need

Eating healthily is just the beginning, you need to ensure you remain active and use the energy you gain from eating healthy on working out and exercising fully.

This could be as simple as taking a longer walk home, to running to and from the station.  Local gyms or office discounts on gyms, including group workouts at lunch can have be a huge benefit as well. Once in the routine of exercise it can be easier and simpler to get up and go again, it’s just a case of getting into the routine.

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