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Eating Healthier to Lose Weight

If you are thinking about going on one of these nasty diets that don’t let you eat very much, well then think again. Dieting is not about starving yourself to any degree, it is more about taking what you eat now and find other alternatives that are healthier for you. Even if you just want to feel healthier then this article is for you and will help you to understand food a little bit more. One key thing to remember is that whole foods are much better for you than processed ones.

Whole Foods

A whole food ‘does exactly what it says on the tin’. It is a food that you eat the exact same way it came out of the ground. So we eat carrots that are whole as they are literally taken out of the ground and we cook and eat them. Most whole food we don’t even need to cook. Why not consider getting fruit baskets delivered to make sure you get your fill of whole foods?

This means that whole foods are much healthier for you as they are full of nutrients and vitamins and provide you with vital carbohydrates for energy. These whole foods just keep you going for longer. Fruit and veg boxes are a great source of natural vitamins and minerals.

Processed foods

These are foods that come out of a tin or jar. They are generally very high in salt as this is what preserves them. Frozen veg are the same as although you would think that these veg are healthy but infact they are full of additives and preservatives to make them seem fresh.

With the high sodium count in processed foods you can understand why they are not healthy. But the thing is if we ate them by themselves they would be bad but we make them worse by adding our own table salt.

Fresh Meat Vs. Processed Meat

Fresh meat is one of the best things you can put into your body. They are full of protein & carbohydrates, which is exactly what we need to repair our muscles after going to the gym. The key to any diet is moderation. If you moderate how much of a certain substance you eat then you will be fine.

A great place to buy your fresh meat is from an online butcher. They offer premium quality meat at wholesale prices. They can deliver the meat to your home or office incase you are busy. You can get meat and more delivered to your door and save up to 40% on leading supermarkets.

Processed meats can be bad for you even though they say 100% beef. If you think logically about it nothing that gets cooked in less than a minute can be good for you as the amount of additives it posses is phenomenally high. This means that the food will make you feel full and energised on the short run but when it comes to sustaining the feeling of being full and energised it fails.

I am not saying for a minute not to eat these fast foods that all humans enjoy, but try to eat as healthy as possible 90% of the time. Allow yourself to have a cheat meal or cheat day once a week. This is when you eat whatever you want within reason or maybe it is the night you decide to have a bottle of wine. But just remember do it with moderation.

Throughout this article I have given you advice on whole foods and fresh meat in comparison to the nasty processed items. I hope that the advice will help you to eat healthier and live a healthy life. Just remember it is all about moderation.

If you have any questions or are interested in Foodilo products, please contact us for advice and answers. We are looking forward to supporting you.