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10 Easy Steps to make your Working Day Healthier! (Part 1)

We all know by this stage that sitting slumped at an office desk for nine hours a day, whilst continuously snacking, drinking copious amounts of black coffee and stressing about deadlines is not the healthiest lifestyle. However, this is the predicament that the majority of London’s workers are in, so rather than moan about how many pounds you are putting on and that your back is killing you – why not read these handy tips and turn your average working day into a glowing example of healthy lifestyle habits. Yes, your colleagues may resent your new routine – but will you really care when you are flying high as a kite on the feel-good rush that comes as a result of actually looking after your body and mind properly for once!

  1. Move around more: This really is one of the most obvious, but most easily ignored facts of office life. It is not humanely possible to be comfortable in one position all day. So, what to do… Get up! Get off the tube one stop early for a start – a brisk walk at the beginning of the day will get the blood pumping around your body and increase your metabolism for the next few hours. When its possible take lengthy phone-calls standing up. Many people instinctively do this and it is a great habit to get into. Walk around in the corridor or in reception – or even outside! Just don’t forget to take a notepad for writing down key information.
  2. Drink less caffeine: On some level we are all aware that our caffeine intake is far too high. Try swapping every other hot drink for a healthy herbal tea and enjoy the benefits that each specific herb brings (Eases bloating, de-stresses, freshens breathe… I could go on!)
  3. Snack, but snack well! I’m not going to criticize anyone for grazing throughout the day – we all have different needs and this does suit some people. However, if this is continually of sugary, carb-based content – then we have a problem! Swap your usual snacks for dried fruits and nuts and increase your vitamin intake with ease – not to mention the anti-oxidants, proteins, good fats, fiber ect.
  4. Be organized: Don’t let lack of organization stop you from eating healthily. Cook larger portions of dinner, put it into Tupperware and bring it in! Your home-made dinner will nearly always be more nutritious than a meal-deal option. Not to mention the amount of money you will save.
  5. Stretch: Sore back? Yes I thought so! So, stretch it out. Have a little stretch whilst you make a cup of tea – reach up, touch your toes, roll your shoulders back. Yes, your colleagues might think you are losing the plot, but if you want to alleviate that back pain it might be a sacrifice you should be willing to make.

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(To be continued)